Dear MixxedFit® Family,

As most of you know, this week brought huge heartache and heaviness to our hearts following the news of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Hurricane Harvey has negatively impacted many areas and communities in Houston and surrounding areas. We wanted to send our thoughts and prayers to every single resident affected.

Texas is also home to many of our MixxedFit® instructors, students, gyms, and family members. It is home to many gyms that have supported our program - like the 24 Hour Fitness and YMCA. Along with over one hundred MixxedFit® Instructors, we have Master Educators and National Trainers who represent this state as well. Texas is one of the biggest regions that support MixxedFit®!

Being a people-inspired organization, Corporate MixxedFit® wanted to take this opportunity to help. We decided the best way we could do is to raise funds through the sell of shirts and donate 100% of the proceeds to disaster relief efforts.

So, that’s what we did! Our creative team dedicated our entire Wednesday this week and got together and whipped up a shirt in less than 24 hours. We included the phrase “Texas Strong” on the shirt - a phrase that we saw that our Texas MixxedFit® Tribe recenty began hashtagging on social media. We also included “Houston”, a picture of Texas in the colors red, white, blue, along with Houston’s area code on the back of the shirt. The shirt was inspired by the people, our own leadership and instructors. We are so excited for this drop and we hope that you join us by purchasing a shirt.

MixxedFit® will be donating 100% of our proceeds to an amazing non-profit that will make sure your money goes directly to rebuilding the community and providing support to the families affected.

We also wanted to take this time to honor our fearless Texas Leadership and dedicate our newest shirt “Texas Strong” to all of them and of course to all the residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. Big shout out to Master Educators Anika Hancock, Ashlie Padilla, Debbie Henderson, Jakkia Hollingsworth, Josh Williams, Tawanda Bishop, and Sekoya Waddy and our National Trainers Chasity Noel and Diana Beltran. Thank you for all that you do for our organization and of course for Texas!

Please continue to pray for Texas and all the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Let us all be reminded to continue being people-inspired and to always extend a helping hand to those around us. Always show compassion and kindness, especially to those in need. I know that all of you will do your part to make a difference because that’s what makes us truly people-inspired. Thank you MixxedFit® Tribe and God bless. We love you!


Lori Barcenilla

& MixxedFit® Corporate Team

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